Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Waste of a Life

"What a waste."

Those were Peter's last words before he disappeared.

And since that day I've been thinking.

What have I done so far with my life?

I despise this place. Indiana.

I got a job in a Department store recently. Did I tell you all? Do you care? Of course not. This is what's great about Blogger, the silence.

Wait. . .six followers? And one comment? Go away. Go away. Don't bother me. I hate the noise. I hate the noise that people bring. Ugh too many people.

I love the silence. I can't be around people. Don't fit. Don't fit it.

I enjoy suffering.

I love it when people participate in...Overimaginitive ...self loathing. (You are. . .everything you say you are.)

What time is it?

Peter Pan Flew Away to Never Land. 

. . .


  1. Peter is still very much alive Noland.

    We should talk. We need to talk