Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Strange Happenings

So that article. I read it. The picture on the camera is still there, except it's night time now. I tried uploading it. Crashed Peter's laptop, which I had been using to post for a long time.

My laptop is still in tip top condition luckily.

Was someone telling me to be careful? I mean is that even plausible? Thanks again for linking me Shadowed.

As for this Zero guy, well, to each their own.

Edit: Have I told everyone that I may just have a new found hero?


  1. High five, my friend.
    Arkady stopped me from going nuts weeks ago.

  2. Did the article mean anything to you?

    The picture is still on the camera? Except.. it's night-time now? Is it night-time in the picture? That's weird.

    I thought you destroyed the camera or threw it out?

    And anytime, Noland. And please, feel free to call me Xirena, XiXi, Xi, or even X.

    Someone could be telling you to be careful, or it could even have been a warning in some manner.
    Or it could've been a distraction?

    It's hard to tell when it comes to shit like this.

    Even I can't begin to comprehend.


  3. You've been quiet for the past four days, Noland.
    Are you doing well?


  4. Yeah N, wouldn't want anything "bad" to happen to you. Heh. I love sarcasm.

  5. Gone. Proxied? Maybe. Disappeared? LIkely, rightageggroup.Byebye8 nOlaNd byb7-=ebye.