Thursday, April 14, 2011


No. I'm not fine. To be blunt I got beat up. Yes I threw the camera away. Several times. As I was saying. I was beaten by some of my former classmates.

Gregor and his boys graduated about two years ago, when I was sixteen? He's twenty-one now. You see he's always had this thing for little girls, dating well below his age. It's really none of my business what sluts in training want to do and with whom they want to do it. Yet for some reason I would rather be damned to let any twelve to thirteen year old go into the woods with that drug dealing bastard.

Yeah he's a drug dealer, he's the go to guy for drugs around town. You'd think that someone would leave the pot and the heroine back in grade 12, but you'd be wrong. Ever since he's graduated his operations have gotten bigger. That's irrelevant though, to each their own. Except when it comes to pedophilia.

I was going for a walk to try to clear my frazzled head. The camera coming back had scared me out of my wits.

That's when I first saw them. Gregor and Yancy from highschool, his new "girlfriend" and some kid I didn't recognize. Peter had made it his job to follow Gregor around whenever he could and whenever he had some new toy. So for a while, since Peter went missing and all, I just watched them laugh and screw around with each other , you know? The regular ol' douchebaggery. Excuse my language. Anyway. When they started to head into the forest that's when I got very, very worried. Against common sense I followed them without any form of self-defense, trying to keep my distance while still keeping them in sight. Worse part was they where walking on a stone path so I had to be careful not to rub any rocks which didn't turn out to well, they turned around so many times, I feel like it's a sin they didn't catch me.

Eventually I had to duck into a behind a tree a little bit longer than usual and somehow I lost the group. I tried walking along the stone path at the risk of exposing myself. They vanished. No trace, none. I had a feeling they just gave me the slip though, so don't go jumping to conclusions. Then I just got lost. Before you say anything my sense of direction isn't that bad, I don't know what happened. Everything just started spinning and I got scared. Very scared. I'm not talking paranoid, I mean straight up fear, primal fear. I...well I blacked out. I must have fallen, hence the black eye. My sides and my shins hurt when I woke up, the pain was...awful to say the least, I don't know how to describe it. It was like burning-piercing-ish, I'm going to stop using was because I'm still in pretty bad pain. Luckily my neighbor found me outside, she was a friend of my foster-mother Ms.Shay, who I think I mentioned before. They think I'm lying about what happened. I told them everything I'm telling you, well save for the following Gregor around like some stalker. They took me to the Hospital to see if I had broken anything. Yeah the wrist got dislocated go figure? It's not that hard to type though. In fact it's the least of my injuries

So there you have it. I'm fine. By everyone's other than my own standards, anyway.


  1. Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear all of this Noland.
    *careful hugs* That's just horrible.
    It could've been those idiots... but I doubt it.

    I'm so sorry. =( I hope you feel better soon.

    Also... Succubus? Why is that your blog title?


  2. Alright then.
    It was random enough, I felt the need to ask.


  3. How are you holding up Noland?