Thursday, May 5, 2011

When We're Ba Ba Banging

Finally! I've been trying to post on this Blog for the longest time. I wouldn't respond to the New Post button. The Blog's title has been altered though, honestly I have no idea why. Instead of Anti Matter next to the B it's one of Peter's freaky (X) things next to Pay. Up. I hate those damn (X) things.

Do you have to PAY for Blogger? Since when? Maybe it's a glitch, or a prank. I'm going to try to change it back.

Anyway, I'm in Crete, tried to tell everyone about the vacation my foster mother dragged me on, but Blogger was acting up. Currently searching for Pegasus, despite the fact that I probably won't find anything. I mean seriously people, a WINGED horse? It's ridiculous. But I've always liked Pegasus in general so I'll keep looking. I swear if anyone gives me that ''have a little faith'' bull...

Edit: This glitch is getting on my nerves. The background is messed up. It's all red and broken with black lines waving around. I'll try to reset everything and see where that goes.


  1. NOland, doyou acTuaLly READ YOUR OWN BLOG?!?

  2. No, not really. Why? I usually remember everything I write, and just scroll down to the comments really fast when I want to reply to them, it's not like you HAVE to read your own post.

  3. Read your damn blog. Read itnow. Read the last post you made. DAMN IT NOlAND.

  4. Good luck finding Pegasus. Just some advice: I wouldn't suggest looking in woods.

  5. Noland, I worry about you sometimes.
    But Crete! <3 I wish I could go to Crete.