Thursday, February 10, 2011

Don't be angry.

So well, wow. Peter ditched me yesterday after school and went home by himself. He totally skipped our last two periods, and was avoiding me at lunch too. I guess I pissed him off. Well I wished he would tell me what’s wrong. He is sort of my brother, in addition to being my best friend.
We met in third grade, everyone had been avoiding me, not that I blame them, what with me being a new kid at school. That and I wasn’t comfortable really speaking up, or talking to anyone. It wasn’t like something was wrong with me, I wasn’t a violent stutterer, or a mute. I was just a coward. Afraid of my peers I began to act in a reclusive manner. I began avoiding the children in my class at Recess, sitting by myself in lunch, the works.
Well one day, I think it was the first week of school, Peter came bounding up to me, wearing like, this Christmas sweater with a Rudolph head and a red nose in the middle of September. It was a nice sweater, it just oozed care. I think I could tell, even at that age, it was made with love. It was also quite amusing how he wore it when it was nowhere near Christmas.
Well, Peter introduced himself, I just nodded in response. I don’t know why but he hunkered down next to me laying his head on my lap, and began talking about everything that he thought would be awesome to put into a giant robot, God we used to talk about some ridiculous stuff. I was actually genuinely interested, and to my surprise, I was actually pretty open when he asked me for my opinion. He introduced me to all of the other kids at lunch, back then I was still pretty shy so I didn’t go ‘’HEY EVERYBODY! I’VE CHANGED! I’M COOL NOW!” I think it was just because of Peter being with me that everyone accepted me, and eventually developed the same comfort for me as I did them.

It was in fifth grade, when my mother. . .couldn’t take care of me anymore that Ms. Shay, Peter’s adoptive mother, took me into her home. She was always an excessively sweet lady, and I grew to love her over the years. I still didn’t change my name, Noland Zuckerman is who I was and always will be, I suppose Peter felt the same way, keeping the name Peter Holland. Back on point, I’ve gotten so much better at interacting with people, and I don’t think that would be the case had I not met Peter that day. I know it may sound weird but he’s the best thing that ever happened to me, and to have him angry with me just won’t do.
So I’m going to talk to him, at least try to see why he was ducking me all of yesterday.

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