Thursday, February 10, 2011

No School Today

But Peter's out of the house regardless, it's sort of hard to fight the urge to go snooping around in his room.

But hey, I just want to sneak a peek at what he's working on.

Alright hold on. I'm going to bring my laptop in there, and try to find his latest work...

Nothing in here, but it's a wreck. God, I thought my room was nasty. Jeeze Peter, what the hell?

...Alright here's something. Printer papers underneath the bed. Jackpot, he WAS working on something. Probably another comic, hold on while I pull them out.

Er, wow. I had been hoping he strung together one of his famous comics but it's just doodles.

 Like these o's with an x inside of them.

Hugs and kisses? Hm, someone's at the door. I'll wrap this up I guess.

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