Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Last Night

So last night, Peter came out of his room, in a shirt stained with various ink blotches. I guess he was painting. I feel bad that I’m the reason he was drawn away from his work. See I was off on another coughing fit, it erupted almost right after Pete’s mom went to the Grocery Store. It was really violent. I fell to the ground holding my throat. After a few seconds, or at least what seemed like a few seconds, Peter opened the door to his room and burst right into mine helping me to my feet, as I came down from my fit. He looked like some sort of druggie, but I guess that’s just what artist look like when their into their work. Anyway, his shirt was blackened by Ink, in so many places that I’m pretty sure he wasn’t even trying to be careful.
I wanted to see what he was painting, and I asked him, as I came off my fit, instead of answering he just kept asking me if I was alright. He’s a worrier, then again so am I. I’m really hoping this strange behavior is just some sort of phase I’m skipping. Anyway, he DID eventually answer my question with a subtle shake of the head. He started closing the blinds all over the house, before going back to his room.
I left him to it, and when Ms. Shay came home I waited for him to get into the shower, and then snuck into his room to see what I could find. Nothing, not in the “nothing-what-so-ever” way but just not his usual stuff, it was all a bunch of black blotches. Then I realized he must’ve hidden his work to try and surprise me later. Wouldn’t be the first time, SO, knowing that Peter, Ms.Shay, and myself all like to take really long showers I decided to get out quickly just for good measure. I don’t want to upset my best friend after all. If he wants to hide stuff that’s fine, I can wait.
Peter’s not a bad artist though, so I’m actually sort of curious as to whatever he’s working on will look like. Hmmm.

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